- One & Only "IR EXPO" in Japan! -

2nd JAPAN IR EXPO in Osaka

Advantages for Exhibiting

  1. You can meet directly with domestic and overseas "IR industry key persons"!
    • Person responsible for IR operators
    • Person responsible for / Person in charge of local governments which intend to attract IR
    • Managers planning to enter IR industry / IR peripheral industries ...etc.
  2. You can seize an excellent opportunity to enter the IR industry!
    • By exhibiting in this exhibition, you can express your intention to enter the IR industry and gather a variety of information such as business partnerships, alliances, etc.
  3. You can enhance visibility and improve public awareness of your company through media coverage!
    • This exhibition, which will take place for the first time in Japan in the IR industry, attracts considerable attention from various media such as TV, newspaper, and web. For that reason, this exhibition will contribute to enhance visibility and improve public awareness of your company through media coverage.


Architectural Design

Design, Construction, Real estate development

Lodging, Food and Drink

Hotel, Japanese-style hotel, Hot spring, Restaurant, Food service, High-class ingredients

Facility Operation

Theater, Museum, Leisure facilities, Shopping mall, MICE facility (International conference hall, exhibition hall)


Sightseeing arrangement, Taxi, Car rental, Arrangement service for wealthy class

Interior Decoration

Interior equipment, Design fixtures (Tables, Chairs, Sofas, etc.), Signs, monitors / Digital signage, Lighting, Sound, Accessories / Furniture, Fresh flowers / Arranged flowers

Security, Entry Management System

Security equipment, Information security service, Security service, Admission control system (Face authentication etc.)

Medical Service, Health Care, Beauty

Medical Tourism (Medical institution, Medical service), Esthetic, Massage, Relaxation, Hot bath facilities, Sports gym / Sports facilities

Event Planning, Box Office

Sports, Concerts, Entertainment (Attraction events), Ticket sales / Distribution


Settlement system, Electronic money, Insurance

Human Resource, Labor-Saving

Temporary staffing / Training, Order call, Tablet order system

Internet Technology

Conference support system, Customer management / analysis system, Employee management system, Security system, Facility operation system

Entertainment , Amusement

VR / Advanced technology, Movies, Games, Karaoke, Fireworks, Festivals

Pop Culture Content

Animation / Games / Characters etc.

Traditional Culture of "Japan"

Japanese cuisine, Japanese style building, Tatami, Kimono, Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement, Shrines and temples, Kabuki, Noh, Japanese drum, Maiko, Japanese dance

Culture of "Osaka" & "Kansai"

Food, Sports, Medical care (Wellness), Manufacturing, Comedy, Hospitality


Visitors are welcome from a wide range of fields
related to IR construction and operation !

  • IR operators
  • Local governments which intend to attract IR
  • Companies planning to enter the IR industry
    • Real Estate / Construction, Infrastructure
    • Hotel, Restaurant
    • Travel / Tourism, Conference / Exhibition Facility
    • Amusement / Lec Facilities
    • Entertainment / Entertainment
  • Government, Related ministries
  • Press